Understanding the "Filter by Priority" colors

The "Filter by Priority" color range is a standardized measure to help you compare the health status of your county against all relevant data. When available, each Health Indicator for your county will be compared with data from peer counties, the state average, and state and national health targets. This is to help you understand how all aspects of health affect you and your community.

Each Health Indicator includes a five-color "Filter by Priority" index. The "Filter by Priority" index compares all counties in the state that have the same indicator in the same timeframe. It then calculates where the selected county falls in that range and displays the color that best reflects how the county is doing in comparison to the other counties in the filtered group.

("Filter by Priority" color range)

In general, counties in the green range are ranked higher than other counties in the filtered group, while counties in the red are ranked lower. Some indicators display a blue bar, which means the data is not meant for health-status comparison, but is intended simply to provide information. When a Healthy People 2020 target is available for the selected Health Indicator, that target is included in the range.

The thin Range Bar that appears below all "Filter by Priority" color bars on a Health Indicator page displays the lowest and highest county values measured in the state. The lowest county value is displayed at the left end of the Range Bar, and the highest county value is displayed at the right. The number in the center of the Range Bar is the median value in the state for a particular indicator.