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626 pounds of burritos recalled. Because 'chicken or egg' can be a serious question

Miami Herald - 1/11/2020

Jan. 11--One lot of burrito products have been recalled because, no matter which came first, you can't use chicken and egg interchangeably.

Lot No. B9253 J1 P6009 of 6-ounce evol. brand cilantro lime chicken burritos with a best by date of 03 MAR 2021 got pulled because, the USDA recall notice says, "the firm (Culinary International) received consumer complaints reporting that the cilantro lime chicken burritos were actually egg burritos."

This is a minor annoyance unless the consumer has a deep craving for cilantro lime chicken burritos or an egg allergy. Egg is an allergen not declared on the packaging. If the person about to eat the burrito has an egg allergy, it's a potentially serious problem.

Culinary International, which made the burritos for Conagra Brands, recalled 626 pounds or about 1,670 burritos.

Consumers with questions about the recall can contact Conagra at 888-849-6243.


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