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Food Establishment Inspection Scores: From the Lewis County Public Health Department

The Chronicle - 1/4/2020

Jan. 3--Food Establishments With Violations: Red / Blue / Total

Happy Teriyaki No. 12, Gold Street, Centralia 5/0/5

Food workers did not have valid food worker cards. Please correct within one week and develop procedures to ensure that all workers maintain valid cards. (5 Red)

Dec. 26

Cedar Village IGA, Winlock 10/0/10

Food Storage and temperatures were good except for one refrigerator case with meats and other perishable foods was out of range for cold holding temperature. The establishment was going to voluntarily destroy the food because a certain time for this problem could not be determined. (10 Red)

Dec. 31

Hometown Family Restaurant, Centralia /10/0/10

Large mop bucket was blocking hand wash sink in the kitchen, which must be kept clear and accessible at all times. This was corrected.

Dec. 31

Midway Cinema, Chehalis5/10/15

No food worker cards were available. Please provide a list of employees and copies of all cards by Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019. (5 Red)

There was no sanitizer available. Spray glass cleaner is used for wiping surfaces. Please ensure sanitizer is always available during all hours of operation. This is a repeat violation. (5 Blue)

Dishwasher was not sanitizing and there were no test strips. There were also no test strips for three-compartment sink dispenser. (5 Blue)

Dec. 27

Riverside Bistro, Chehalis 5/0/5

Advisory on lunch and dinner menus are great. Please provide asterisks on any animal protein that is offered undercooked on the Sunday limited menu and add advisory statement with asterisk on the bottom of that page. This is a repeat violation. (5 Red).

Dec. 17

Safeway Fuel Station, Centralia 0/5/5

There was no sanitizer available. Please correct. (5 Blue)

Dec. 31

Somsiri Thai Restaurant, Chehalis 35/0/35

Pre-cooked noodles and leaf lettuce are held at room temperature during busy times and then refrigerated for later use. This is not allowed. All potentially hazardous foods must be kept at 41 degrees F or below when cold holding, unless closely monitored under a written time as a control plan. (25 Red)

Sprouts were cold holding at 60.2 degrees F and must be kept at 41 degrees F or below at all times. Raw meats were cold holding between 50.6 and 52.4 degrees F. These were all moved to another refrigerator or freezer to cool based on time and temperature. This is a repeat violation. (10 Red)

Dec. 27

Food Establishments

With Perfect Scores:

Dutch Bros., Harrison Avenue, Centralia, Dec. 17

Fiddler's Coffee, Centralia, Dec. 17

Blanton's Market (IGA), Packwood, Dec. 18

Morton Country Market, Morton, Dec. 18

Burger King, Arkansas Way, Chehalis, Dec. 19

Hickory Farms, Chehalis, Dec. 19

Main Street Grill, Centralia, Dec. 19

I-5 Mobil, State Avenue, Chehalis, Dec. 20

Twister Donut, Centralia

Dunnies Espresso, Chehalis, Dec. 27

Jeremy's Fruit Stand, National Avenue, Chehalis, Dec. 30

Quizno's Subs, Centralia, Dec. 30

The Bucksnort Pub, Morton, Dec. 30

Toledo IGA Market Fresh, Toledo, Dec. 30

Denny's No. 7542, Interstate Avenue, Chehalis, Dec. 30

Borst Park Texaco, Centralia, Dec. 31

Tall Timber Restaurant, Randle, Dec. 31


Editor's note: These figures are derived from inspections conducted by the Lewis County Public Health Department's Food Safety Program.

Red violations are those most likely to cause foodborne illness and must be corrected at the time of inspection. Blue violations relate to overall cleanliness and operational conditions and must be corrected by established deadlines or by the next routine inspection.

Any establishment receiving 40 red points or any red point item repeated within an 18 month period is considered a high risk and must be reinspected. An establishment that receives 75 red points or 100 total points (red and blue) on a routine inspection or 40 red points on a repeat inspection will have their food establishment permit suspended.


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