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Food that went to schools recalled for plastic -- again. And Tyson Foods is involved -- again

Miami Herald - 12/22/2019

Dec. 22--Food giant Tyson Foods continues to have trouble keeping its food 100 percent food, especially with what's winding up in schools.

This year's fifth not-food-in-your-food recall from Tyson Foods or a Tyson Foods subsidiary -- 15,739 pounds of fully cooked beef patties from AdvancePierre Foods that might have plastic -- is the third such recall of 2019 from involving food that went to schools. The USDA recall notice made sure to note that the beef patties got to schools via retail sale and not through the National School Lunch Program.

"These items were shipped to a single distribution location in Iowa," the notice states. "The warehouse then distributed the product to institutions, including schools."

A food service business noted the soft, green plastic in a patty and informed AdvancePierre.

If this sounds familiar, the same beef product and purple plastic combined for an AdvancePierre recall in April. Distributors in 14 states, including Florida, Texas, Illinois, Missouri and Pennsylvania, sold the patties to schools and other institutions.

Tyson Foods recalled over 95 tons of chicken fritters from 29 states, including Florida, California, Texas and New York, in June after some schools found plastic in the chicken fritters.


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