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Dental Care

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  • Community College of Denver Dental Hygiene Program
    Phone: 303-365-8338
    Address: 1062 Akron Way Denver, CO 80230 view map

    Offers reduced rates for seniors. Services include exams, x-rays, cleanings, preventive maintenance and sealants. No insurance is accepted. This is a government agency/program....
  • Cozy Dental
    Phone: 303-340-0422
    Address: 14025 East Exposition Avenue Aurora, CO 80012 view map

    Privately-owned family dental clinic providing general dentistry services to children and adults. Advanced dental technologies, equipment, digital x-rays (up to 90% less radiation) and electronic chart records are used. Nitrous Oxide ("laughing gas"), sedation and general anesthesia ("sleep dentistr...
  • Dental Lifeline Network
    Phone: 888-235-5826
    Address: Sorry, no address information available for this agency.

    This is a volunteer based program comprised of dental professionals. Call 888-235-5826 to request an application for Donated Dental Services. For Dental HouseCalls, call 720-287-6197. ...
  • DentaQuest
    Phone: 855-225-1729
    Address: Sorry, no address information available for this agency.

    Dental program for Health First Colorado (Colorado‘s Medicaid program). The website provides a search tool for finding the nearest dentist....
  • Denver Health Dental Clinics
    Phone: 303-436-4949
    Address: 501 28th Street Denver, CO 80205 view map

    Offers routine, acute and chronic care, and minor emergency care to residents of Denver. People not on Medicaid are required to become members of the Discount Program through the enrollment specialist at 990 Bannock Street, Call 303-602-2300 for an appointment with the enrollment specialist....
  • Denver Health Medical Dental Clinic
    Phone: 303-602-8200
    Address: 301 West 6th Avenue Denver, CO 80204 view map

    Provides a full range of dental treatments, except orthodontics, to residents of Denver. Cost for services is based on income level. Patients must be seen as an emergency patient for the first visit on certain days of the week....
  • Denver Indian Health & Family Services, Inc.
    Phone: 303-953-6600
    Address: 2880 West Holden Place Denver, CO 80204 view map

    DIHFS provides culturally competent services that promote quality health for American Indian and Alaskan Native families and individuals. Available health services include a medical clinic, women‘s health, men‘s geriatric elder care, medication, exercise and nutrition, and a behavior ...
  • Denver Rescue Mission: Dental Care Assistance
    Phone: 303-294-0157
    Address: 1130 Park Avenue West Denver, CO 80205 view map

    Provides grants to persons in need. Grants are given for full dentures. Extractions are available on a limited monthly basis....
  • Friends of Man
    Phone: 303-798-2342
    Address: PO Box 937 Littleton, CO 80160 view map

    Limited financial assistance for dentures. Referrals are required from a third party professional with expertise in a social services or educational/medical field. Dental work concentrates mostly on dentures with other work considered on a case by case basis. Grant recipients must have a...
  • Impressions Dental Spa
    Phone: 720-663-0116
    Address: 222 Milwaukee Street Denver, CO 80206 view map

    Impressions Dental Spa is a dental hygiene office that provides all levels of teeth cleaning and whitening in a spa setting. They make dental appointments easy and relaxing. The spa has an office location but also provides in-home care as well....
  • Impressions Mobile Dental Services
    Phone: 720-663-0116
    Address: Sorry, no address information available for this agency.

    Impressions Mobile Dental Services was created to bridge the gap in oral care. They travel to the destination of the client's choice to provide service including residences and long-term care facilities. They specialize in all levels of teeth cleaning and whitening....
  • In Home Hygiene
    Phone: 480-586-4220
    Address: Sorry, no address information available for this agency.

    A mobile dental hygiene service serving the entire Denver area on a fee for service basis. They also are Medicaid Providers. They serve all people, all ages. They are mobile and can come to their clients....
  • Inner City Health Center
    Phone: 303-296-4873
    Address: 3800 York Street Denver, CO 80205 view map

    Serves the low-income and uninsured population. General dental services are provided with cosmetic dental work excluded. Emergency visits are available on a limited basis....
  • Project Worthmore Dental Clinic
    Phone: 720-460-0995
    Address: 1532 Galena Street Aurora, CO 80010 view map

    A non-profit dental clinic providing oral healthcare to refugees living in the Denver metro area. Aimed at promoting overall health through proper oral hygiene and care. Other programs and services include: English (ESL) classes, music classes, food sharing, and a community garden....
  • Salud Family Health Centers
    Phone: 303-655-4955
    Address: 203 South Rollie Avenue Fort Lupton, CO 80021 view map

    Offers routine dental care such as general dentistry, oral surgery, diagnosis services, restorations, endodontics, emergencies and prevention services and education....
  • Smile Logic
    Phone: 303-665-1281
    Address: 403 Summit Boulevard Broomfield, CO 80021 view map

    Dental hygienist will come to client's home or facility to provide dental hygiene services. Broomfield, Westminster, Boulder area....
  • Smiles On The Go
    Phone: 720-237-9919
    Address: Sorry, no address information available for this agency.

    Smiles on the Go is an oral hygiene provider. They make oral health visits to the home or residential communities. Their licensed board certified hygienist can also accompany people to their dental visits....
  • University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine
    Phone: 303-724-6900
    Address: 13065 East 17th Avenue Aurora, CO 80045 view map

    University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine Dental Clinics provide nearly 100,000 clinical visits each year at the Anschutz Medical Campus facilities and across the state of Colorado. Patients receive high quality care with fees up to 50% less than a typical private dental office. Services inc...

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